heyGroop is built on a foundation that will be powered by 100% renewable energy in 2025

Groop Communication Compared

heyGroop Email Typical chat apps Teams Slack
Start for free
Unlimited history and audio/video calls
Yes No No No No
Ads No Normally not For many, Yes No No
Designed specifically for Groops Yes Yes, but email threads can go sideways quickly Group text messages get messy in a hurry Yes Yes
Files Yes As attachement Usually just pictures and videos Yes Yes
Great for school Groops, book clubs, sports teams, friends, family and many others? Yes Let's be honest, is your Inbox overflowing? Raise your hand if you didn't recognize a person in group text... Yes Yes
Premium features $0.99/yr USD Price varies Price varies Compare Compare

No Tracking, No Ads

100% Private

Just real connections with people you know

Everything For Your Groop

Designed and architected specificially for Groop communication and sharing

Groop Communication

Chat messages, audio call or video calls to your Groop... you decide. One-click messages, audio and video calls.

Better Media

Send and recieve full resolution pictures and videos, not watered down content. We're like you, we love living life at full resolution.

Groop Files

Share files with your Groop to help stay organized and connected. A .pdf file of your favorite recipe? A spreadsheet for a project?

Better for Groops

Raise your hand if you have more unread email than you can count. There is that reply, to a reply, to a forward... and anyone can add or delete recipients. Email is great for business communication, that is centered around the subject line, but can get messy, very quickly for Groop communication.

heyGroop is a better way to communicate. Start by deciding name and purpose of the Groop. Then chat, call and share media and files with all your different Groops.

Avoid the Chaos

Texting one-on-one works nicely. Chaos begins on a group text when someone is added or removed, or if person is not in your Contacts. Then you think... 'who is this person with a phone number I don't recognize?'. Worse is when one person in the text thread, adds or removes a person. And, they might add a person who is not in your Contacts.

Common Good

We believe in the power of good. That's why we created
ways for Groops to self-manage and self-moderate

No Password To Remember

It couldn't be easier. Enter your first name, last name, add a picture and then authenticate with your mobile phone number.
No username or password to forget or reset. heyGroop creates a bond of trust to a single mobile phone number. Then, use on all your devices.

Make the Internet Fun

We wanted to make Groop connections and empowerment, engaging and helpful. You know, make the Internet fun.

"... For me, at least, group chats aren’t the new AIM. They’re the new Facebook."

Max Read
New York Magazine, May 14, 2019