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An alternative to 'Big Tech' messaging, connections and sharing.
Built to be 100% private with no data harvesting or profiling.

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For Us, It's Personal

It started riding a chairlift on a cold, crisp day at Steamboat Ski Resort. How can you be social and bring a group of friends together? All the apps we had used over the years had limitations. In the quiet and cold mountain air it became as clear as the winter sky. You have to create an app that is Groop-Specific.

The idea of HeyGroop® was born

All Devices, All The Time
All At Once

For us, HeyGroop should be identical on all devices, all the time, simultaneously on iOS, Android, phones and tablets.


Make Groops, Fun!

Start by creating or joining a purpose specific Groop. A Groop is the center of HeyGroop, for the ever-evolving associations in your life; like sports, clubs, school, friends and family or your startup. When creating a Groop you decide if it is private, public or somewhere in-between.


Perfect Groop organization

You provide the name of the Groop, its general purpose and a picture label.

Select the privacy level

Groops can be:

Invite friends to join your Groop

Send invitations by phone or email.

Start the Groop fun

Your Groop can audio/video call, chat, send pictures and files.

... ... ...

Set up your Groop and start sharing

Your picture, First Name, Last Name and your @Handle. That's it.

Video chat

Share pictures and video

Send files

Send audio message in chat


Simultaneous use on all your Android and iOS devices is one of our core values

We didn't just make HeyGroop look great on your phone. For us it's full screen, full resolution on all your devices.

Highest quality pictures and videos

We know that pictures and videos are the essential to Groops. We deliver the best quality and unique ways to organize and find that one photograph.

Download today and start bringing all your Groops closer

HeyGroop is FREE to download and get started. Your first two Groops are free, so you can really give HeyGroop a go, before deciding if you want to spend an

... ...

Various ways to communicate

HeyGroop Email Chat apps Messages Threads
Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Varies by app Varies by app Privacy Policy Privacy Policy
Android/iOS, phone/tablet, portrait/landscape, native resolution and simultaneous multi-device Yes N/A No No No
Unlimited video/audio calls, media and file sharing Yes No No No No
Designed specifically for both Private and Public Groops Yes N/A No No No
Groop organization Yes Yes, but email threads can go sideways quickly Group text messages can get messy in a hurry Ohh... those green bubbles... More of a 'who are you following' thing...
Great for school Groops, book clubs, sports teams, friends, family and many others? Yes Let's be honest, is your Inbox overflowing? Raise your hand if you didn't recognize a person in group text... Maybe not the best choice for those in your Groop with Android devices Not really the intended use case

HeyGroop is built on a foundation that will be powered by 100% renewable energy in 2025