Better Groops

Not social media, likes or influencers. Have real conversations with people you know and keep all data completely private.

Unlike any other app, with HeyGroop you define a group first and then talk. This is Groop-First™ communication!

Better Conversations



Designed to organize and make group communication meaningful and enriching


iOS or Android, phone or tablet, multi-device, all at once, all the time


No data collection, no data havesting, just private conversations

Groop Type-First

Create Groops that are Inner-Circle, Outer-Circle or Public, to align with the communication type

Your Voice-First

An alternative to 'Big Tech' messaging and social media

People Power-First

Every user has the power to delete offensive content

Gather Around

Whether you and your family are gathering around a table or spread out across the globe, HeyGroop helps bring everyone closer

Make Groops Fun!

Start by creating or joining a purpose specific Groop. A Groop is two or more people and is the center of your ever-evolving associations in your life; like sports, clubs, school, friends and family or your startup. When creating a Groop you decide if it is private, public or somewhere in-between.

Perfect For Pickleball

We didn't create HeyGroop just for pickleball. We did think about how people with very different ecosystems (iOS, Android, Garmin, etc.) get all the messages, pictures and notifications when planning that perfect pickleball match.

Just Right For a Book Club

A book club seems simple until you plan everthing. Create a list of your favorite books and share the PDF file with everyone.

Sure, you can text or email a PDF file to all the book club members. Some users struggle to find the right file in an endless number of texts or email messages. With HeyGroop, it's one click away with the Files feature. Everyone sees all the files for your Groop, all in one place.

Book club picture

Get Your Bike On

You and your friends love riding your bikes and sharing pictures. Instead of searching text messages for that last best picture, HeyGroop puts all the pictures and videos in one place that is easy to find. We create a collage of everthing for your Groop, just click the Media button.