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Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Varies by app Varies by app Privacy Policy Privacy Policy
Android/iOS, phone/tablet, portrait/landscape, native resolution and simultaneous multi-device Yes N/A No No No
Unlimited video/audio calls, media and file sharing Yes No No No No
Designed specifically for both Private and Public Groops Yes N/A No No No
Groop organization Yes Yes, but email threads can go sideways quickly Group text messages can get messy in a hurry Ohh... those green bubbles... More of a 'who are you following' thing...
Great for school Groops, book clubs, sports teams, friends, family and many others? Yes Let's be honest, is your Inbox overflowing? Raise your hand if you didn't recognize a person in group text... Maybe not the best choice for those in your Groop with Android devices Not really the intended use case