Free Isn't Always

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Your Data Should Not Be
Their Business Model

You're using a popular app and it's free to use. But where is your data going?

In many cases it's being used to drive marketing campaigns and ads targeting you. Everyone's had that feeling, where you look at something on an app and all of sudden you're receving an ad and discount for a product.

Read The Privacy Policy

Reading the privacy policy and terms of service for an app is not exciting but it is enlightening. We made ours a super easy and short read.

We do not harvest or sell your data.

Freedom Has A Price

After a 120 day trial period we charge a small subscrition fee. We have lots of exciting ideas to make HeyGroop even better and we update our app as often as possible. We don't have ads and we'd like to keep it that way. And, enjoy the freedom of the best privacy policy in the business. Download and start your Groop today.