HeyGroop Tips

Become a power user and make the best impact with your connections

Long Press Timestamp

In Chat, press and hold (long press) on the area displaying the time of the chat message or media. See who has received/read the message, reply, forward or delete.

User Moderated

Every user has the power to delete any chat message, picture or video. We beleive the best content moderators are the consumers of that content.

Make a Video/Audio Call

Look for the phone icon in the header and click to make a video or audio call to your Groop.

Share a File

Share popular file types like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat. Look for the file icon in the footer.

Browse Media

Pictures and videos are the essence of sharing for any Groop. See all the media in one place, instead of endlessly scrolling in chat. Look for the browse media icon in the footer.

Take a Timeout

Sometimes your Groop is very active and you need a break from notifications so you want concentrate on other matters. Take a Timeout from notifications and select the time period. Look for the person walking to the right icon in the header.

Set Your FreeTime

We all have busy lives, but there's usually better times that you're available. Click on your profile picture on the home screen to go to Settings.

Find a Good Time

HeyGroop uses the FreeTime from each member of the Groop, to find a good time. Use that suggestion for your next video chat.

Explore Your Groop

Click on the Groop name in the header to see all the members of the Groop and to search within that Groop.